About us


NotOnly is the Corporate Organization of a series of Brands that originates from an intention of offering a range of services that are targeted to people.

NotOnly means that the people who look us up and come into contact with our world are not only satisfied with the quality of our services and our Brand, but above all they promote and appreciate our reliability, efficiency and quality.


NotOnly aims at providing the best possible solutions by implementing and continuously updating its systems according to the needs of those who come into contact with us.

NotOnly is organized in such a way that all its processes of development, aimed towards technological innovation and information technology, meet specific standards and regulations in the field of Quality, Health, Environment and Social Responsibility (QHSE).

NotOnly bases its consolidated and never contradicted reputation of reliability and competence on values such as integrity, ethics, fairness and orientation on efficiency.

NotOnly is a reality that continues to expand and has its roots in Italy, but has the ability to spread both into Europe and in America, into Asia and in the future also into Africa.

The Team

NotOnly is structured in such a way that its dynamism places all its inside organizational people at the centre of the project , making them interact directly with those who use our services.

Core values such as integrity, impartiality and meritocracy have developed during the growth process of the Organization and have become a clear guide for all internal and external collaborators.

Ethics, integrity and transparency have always been essential core values of the policies and standards of NotOnly.

The whole Organization has learned to move forward, to think and to act, respecting the cultures and traditions but following the ethical and deontological principles common and universally recognized by Corporate.

Therefore, NotOnly felt the need to move on in order to progress in a direction that was common to all the countries involved in the project .

NotOnly has a very versatile and flexible structure based on the interchangeability of roles - the true strength of the Organization. Job rotation is the hub through which all employees are taught to learn and handle the different areas of the structure , allowing them to actively participate in the various stages of the process and thus having a global view of the problems that can occur both at relational and operational levels.

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