Cookies Policy


Site cookies are used.
A cookie is a piece of information in the form of a very small text file recorded locally in the temporary memory of the user's browser for varying periods of time depending on the need and generally for a period between a few hours and a few years, with the exception of profiling cookies which have a maximum duration of 365 calendar days. The use of cookies allows the recording of information that is relative to the User's preferences together with other technical data that enables easier web surfing and use of the Site.

Consent of cookies
Accepting or deleting cookies.
By continuing your search on the Site, closing the information strip, clicking on any part of the web page or scrolling through it to highlight other contents you accept the Cookies Policy and the cookies will be enabled and collected. If you do not accept the cookies because you have left the website, potential cookies that have already been recorded locally on your browser will remain recorded but will no longer be read or used until a subsequent and eventual acceptance of the policy is made. The User will always have the possibility of removing the cookies at any time as explained in the paragraph Managing cookies.

Types of Cookies
The Site uses different types of cookies:
Strictly necessary cookies.
These cookies are necessary for the correct functioning of the Site. They enable you to surf the pages, share our contents, memorize the User's access credentials so as to speed up the login process and maintain the User's preferences and credentials active during web surfing. The services requested by the User cannot be supplied without these cookies.
Statistics and Performance Cookies.
These cookies allow us to know how our visitors use the Site in order to evaluate and improve its function and privilege the production of contents so as to meet the information requests of our Users. All the information collected by these cookies are anonymous and are not connected to the User's personal details. To perform these functions in the Site third-party services are used to make the data anonymous and non traceable to individuals. In cases where there are services that are not completely anonymous, the User will find them listed among the third party cookies where it will be possible to deny consent but at the same time guaranteeing the privacy of the User. Below you will find the list:
Google Analytics –

Profiling and Marketing cookies.
Cookies are used to analyze surfing interests and habits of individual users, to personalise surfing and supply contents even of an advertising nature aimed at particular interests. Cookies can be supplied directly from the site server where you are surfing (first party cookies) or if the site is supported by external services for particular functions, by a third party (third party cookies). They can also be used to show the User relevant ads on other websites that are visited. Cookies that have been effectively enabled can change at any time because of the technical strategies of advertisers and their technical representatives. All profile cookies are installed by third parties, who act as independent data controllers (third party cookies). Below you will find the list:
Double Click –
Facebook –
Google –
Google+ –
Linkedin –
Pinterest –
Twitter –

Managing cookies
If the User has any questions or concerns about the use of cookies he can always intervene by preventing the setting and reading functions in order to block certain types; for example by modifying the privacy settings on his browser. Since each browser differs significantly from another, the User can, if he prefers, act autonomously by using his browser preferences and find the details of the procedure required in the browser guide itself. This also applies to subsequent modifications and additions of different versions of the same browser. For an overview of how most of the common browsers function, please visit
If you wish, advertising companies also allow you to refuse targeted ads. This does not prevent the setting of cookies, but stops the use and collection of data by some of these companies.
For further information and refusal of cookies, Users can visit Your Online Choices at